T H E   O P P O R T U N I T Y

In today’s rapidly changing marketplace of ideas, goods, and services, to be relevant is to be competitive. And to maintain your edge, you must be able to define and tackle challenging problems, to create and re-create, and to flex and adapt to change – all requiring solid confidence in your capacity for
effective thinking and decision-making.



Project In-vizible believes that groups, organizations, and entire communities are better and at their best, when there is a diversity of thought at work – when different life experiences, perspectives, and ideas are leveraged with a shared aim to accomplish great things.


We create the conditions that support your best and most productive thinking and decision-making.

A clearly defined problem or need and a desired outcome represent the first step. Next, we design a customized process, including tested facilitation tools, techniques, and methods for in-person or virtual settings, to achieve the following and more:

  • Solve problems, not symptoms
  • Break from groupthink and hasty, business-as-usual decision-making to explore divergent points of view
  • Power-through difficult group dynamics to create shared frameworks of understanding that lead to better and more inclusive solutions
  • Meet fewer times, and produce more tangible outcomes
  • Improve processes for more efficient and effective service delivery and for an elevated customer experience
  • Align organizational purpose and capacity with stakeholder expectations for a more strategic deployment of resources
  • Generate innovative solutions balanced with consideration for financial, political, and social consequences and the impact on people and communities


We are a process design and facilitation consultancy specializing in:

  • Meetings & Other Participatory Decision-making Formats
  • Visioning & Strategy Development
  • Issues Resolution
  • Process Mapping, Redesign & Improvement
  • Coaching
  • Training - Effective Meetings & Managing Group Decision-Making Dynamics