T H E   O R I G I N

Oliver Johnson founded Project In-vizible after more than two decades of experience in process design, facilitation, and training with a concentration in building organizational capacity to improve performance outcomes and service delivery and to enhance the customer experience.

From the consumer products industry, to public-private partnerships, to local government, he brings a unique perspective and skill set increasingly needed for today’s rapidly changing marketplace of ideas, goods, and services.

Central to his work is creating the conditions that support individuals, teams, and diverse stakeholder groups to do their best and most productive thinking and decision-making, whether solving challenging problems, generating innovative solutions, or producing tangible outcomes.

Oliver's civic involvement has been varied. He served as a board member with the Dallas Contemporary, a volunteer consultant with the former Center for Nonprofit Management’s Leaders Circles program, and a facilitator with the Dallas Dinner Table.

An explorer with an outsized curiosity for unique differences, his intense wanderlust has taken him to many corners of the world in parts of Central and South America, western and eastern Europe, and western, northern, and southern Africa.

Oliver has a Master of Public Affairs from the University of Texas at Austin, a Bachelor of Business Administration from Howard University, and is an alumnus of the prestigious Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs. He is a resident of twenty-two years in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.